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Trade Dress in Product Design

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design, or a combination thereof, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods from one person or entity, from those of another. Service marks are the same as trademarks, but they distinguish the services of one person or entity, from those of another. In common parlance Read More

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Enforcing Foreign Judgments in California

Foreign Judgments may be enforced in California in the same manner as California judgments. However, before a foreign judgment may be enforced, it must be recognized by the California Courts. The procedure for recognition of the foreign judgment depends on whether the foreign judgment is classified as a sister state judgment or a foreign country Read More

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Tea Rose-Rectanus Common Law Defense to Trademark Infringement

In a recent decision, the Ninth Circuit aligns with the Seventh and Eighth Circuits in holding that the common law defense to trademark infringement, known as the Tea Rose-Rectanus doctrine, that protects the use of a mark in a remote geographic area is not available when the alleged infringer has knowledge of prior use. Read Read More

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Attorney Loren Lunsford named as one of Sacramento’s top business attorneys

The Lunsford Law Firm is pleased to announce that attorney Loren Lunsford was named as one of Sacramento’s top business law attorneys by Sacramento Magazine.

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